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About TableTennista

TableTennista.com was founded on April 16th, 2011 as a web portal devoted to bring you daily Worldwide Table Tennis News.

Our favorite sport enjoys a really big fanbase around the world but, if you are not in China, the media doesn't care to give it the coverage it deserves. The situation goes so far that there are some parts in the world were it simply doesn't exist and is not even mentioned during the Olympics Games.

But we, the loyal fans, know that a lot of things happen in the Table Tennis World each day, specifically in Asia and Europe where the best players compete. And although the information exists in the web, it's highly dispersed in many different websites and many different languages.

Therefore that is why TableTennista.com got born: to fill the information gap between west and east on Table Tennis, centralizing the information in a single website.

We hope you will enjoy our work. We are sure we enjoy it ourselves, after all, we are long time Table Tennis fans like you. We felt the need so we decided to fulfill it!

TableTennista Team

  • Patrick Tan – China and Asia Editor

  • Romina Concha – Europe and Americas Editor

  • Carol Alamos – Design Director

  • Roberto Alamos – Founder