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Zhang Jike Admits Pressure In Rio - Tabletennista

Zhang Jike Admits Pressure In Rio

Zhang Jike will be attending the Olympic Games for the second time. In his previous attendance, the young player was able to withstand the pressure and stood victorious in the end, winning the championship title in the Men’s Singles. This year, Zhang Jike admitted that it is not the same with the London Olympics. There is definitely pressure in it and he needs to face it. 

Sohu Sports. The Olympic Games is nothing new for Zhang Jike but despite that, he admits that there is still pressure and he needs to withstand it. 

In 2012, Zhang Jike was selected to represent the Chinese Team in the Olympic Singles after winning the 2011 World Championships and being ranked number one art that time. His qualification was expected. 

In the 2012 London Olympics, Zhang Jike surprised everyone after he broke the olympic curse. He defeated Wang Hao and won the championship title. This victory also sealed his Grand Slam achievement. 

This year, he is once again reported to play in the Olympic Singles. How does Zhang Jike feels about this now? 

“The Olympics has a very big difference compared to the other competitions. There are a lot of requirements, and not just in the technical aspect. As of now, I need to pay close attention to everyday until the final sprint for the competition. There will be pressure but I just need to withstand it. I hope that I would be able to release myself in the competition.” Zhang Jike said. 

Photo source: Xinhua Net