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Xu Xin Accepts Olympic Position - Tabletennista

Xu Xin Accepts Olympic Position

The lineup of the Chinese Team for the Olympic Games is one of the most anticipated things in table tennis. Just before this weekend, the ITTF released a post that made the lineup of the Chinese Team much clearer. It says that Xu Xin is already out from the Singles competition. After the announcement, Xu Xin remained positive and also posted his reaction to the announcement. 

Sina Sports. Following the post made by ITTF, Xu Xin seemed to have accepted the result whole-heartedly. He asked his fans to accept the result calmly as well.  

In the afternoon of May 20, ITTF posted on Weibo that revealed the finalised lineup of the Chinese Team. It says that Zhang Jike will play with Ma Long in the Olympic Singles, which means that Xu Xin is the Olympic third person of the Chinese Team. 

ITTF’s post naturally gained a lot of attention especially from the fans of the players. A few hours after the posting of ITTF, Xu Xin also posted his view in connection to the lineup posted by ITTF. 

“I am grateful for the concern and support from everyone. I hope that all of you can accept the results calmly. Let’s have the right attitude and continue to cheer for us. Sending you all a video to relax your mood. Have a nice weekend.” Xu Xin wrote. 

In an interview during the Asian Cup, Xu Xin already expressed his view towards the decision of the Chinese Team on the Olympic lineup. He said that no matter what will be his position in the Olympic Games, he will not allow it to dishearten him. That is because he believes that all of their efforts as a team is more important. In that way, they can achieve victory. 

Photo source: Sina Sports