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Tie Yana Cried After Her Loss In Dubai (Video)  - Tabletennista

Tie Yana Cried After Her Loss In Dubai (Video)

At age 37, and being a mother, Tie Yana is still active in the world of table tennis. In fact, she participated in the Asian Cup last week where she had her chance to win the bronze. Sadly for her, she was swept by Feng Tianwei. In an interview, the player got emotional and expressed her dissatisfaction with her performance in the match. 

Sina Sports. Tie Yana had her chance to be in the medal podium in the Asian Cup but unfortunately, she was defeated by Feng Tianwei and she wasn’t able to control her emotions. 

The 37-year old veteran from Hong Kong, Tie Yana played in the recently concluded Asian Cup in Dubai. Despite the age, she still seemed to be on top of her game. She fought for the bronze medal against Feng Tianwei

Unfortunately for Tie Yana, she was swept in their match and lost the chance to be in the medal podium. After the game, Tie Yana was in tears. 

Tie Yana vs Feng Tianwei 2016 Asian Cup WS Bronze
video kindly shared by Official ITTF Channel

“I felt that I played too bad today. The opponent prepared well enough. I wasn’t able to play out my level and performance. Once I get back, I will need to learn from this. Its because I played bad, nothing else. It was very different compared to what I imagined. I usually don’t cry.” Tie Yana said embarrassingly.  

Photo source: TouTiao.Com