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The Chinese Team Has Prepared For The Olympic Games - Tabletennista

The Chinese Team Has Prepared For The Olympic Games

The playing lineup of the Chinese Team has already been made clearer after the ITTF made an announcement about it last week. After that, Liu Guoliang had to explain his decision in choosing the right people in the lineup. According to him, whether it is in the Singles or not, they have already made some preparations for the Rio Olympic Games. 

Sina Sports. ITTF has recently announced the finalised lineup of the Chinese Team and head coach Liu Guoliang explained their decision. 

“Every time we need to come up with an Olympic list, it is always a lucky trouble for the coaching staff. We can utilise a lot of talents but only little can qualify. We can only select the best.” Liu Guoliang started. 

Last week, after careful consideration, the Chinese Team announced who will be in their playing lineup for the Olympic Games. They are Ma Long, Zhang Jike, Xu Xin, and Fan Zhendong as the substitute. 

“Ma Long is the first Singles player. He is the absolute winner in this cycle’s performance, including the Asian Olympic Qualification and others. The second seat in the Singles was fought between Zhang Jike and Xu Xin. Fan Zhendong also played really well, and very young.” The head coach explained. 

This week, the lineup was clearer after they decided to add Zhang Jike in the Singles. “Zhang Jike and Ma Long are considered to be the two kings. I hope that they would be able to have a good fight in the Olympic Games.” He said. 

Meanwhile, Xu Xin now becomes the player in the team competition. “Xu Xin is the backbone in the team competition because he can preserve his physical energy well. Fan Zhendong should always be prepared. If some accidents happen to the veterans then I hope that he will be able to seize the opportunity well.” He added. 

“Whether in the Singles, Team or the P-Card, we have already done some preparations for the Rio Olympics.” Liu Guoliang concluded. 

Photo source: Sina Sports