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Liu Shiwen Accepts Olympic Position - Tabletennista

Liu Shiwen Accepts Olympic Position

Liu Shiwen is the top ranking female player in the world today but that was not enough for the Chinese Team to put her in the Olympic Singles. She was selected as the third person. Liu Shiwen humbly accepts the decision of the team and hopes that she will be able to fulfil her Olympic dream. She also thanked all her fans for all the support. 

Sina Sports. Despite being the number one player in the world, Liu Shiwen will only play in the Olympic Team event. She hopes she will be able to fulfil her task in the competition. 

As the top ranking player in the women’s division, Liu Shiwen was very much qualified to play in the Olympic Singles but her invitation from the ITTF was rejected by the Chinese Team. Instead, the two-time world champion Ding Ning was selected. 

This decision gained a lot of reactions from the fans of Liu Shiwen. Unfortunately, the Chinese Team will always decide on their own as to what is best for them. 

Liu Shiwen has accepted it and was grateful for the concern of her fans. 

“I am grateful for the support of the fans. I have been in the team for a lot of years, wether it was success or failure, the team never gave up on me. I hope that I will be able to work with the team and complete my task in the Olympic Team event and fulfil my Olympic dream.” Liu Shiwen said. 

The 2016 Rio Olympics will be the first Olympic Games for Liu Shiwen. In 2012, due to some problems and poor performances, she was not shortlisted. Guo Yue was the third person while she was selected as the substitute. 

Photo source: Happy PingPang