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Jorg Rosscopf: We Hope To Meet China In The Finals - Tabletennista

Jorg Rosscopf: We Hope To Meet China In The Finals

The German Men’s Team was not in a favourable place in the London Olympics after they met the Chinese Team in the semifinals. They were defeated in 1-3, failing to reach the finals. This time, the team hopes to have a better result considering that they are in a better position. They want to train Timo Boll in order to help bring the team into the finals against China. 

Sina Sports. Germany is feeling optimistic for this year’s Olympic Games as they hope to reach the finals and meet the Chinese Team in the Men’s Team event. 

As of now, with roughly two months before the Olympic Games, the German Team is training their players especially Timo Boll who missed a lot of games because of his surgery recently. 

In an interview, German Team’s coach Jorg Rosscopf revealed that their goal in the Olympic Games is to meet the Chinese Team in the finals of the Team event. In the last Olympic Games, the German Men’s Team was blocked by China in the semifinals and failed to reach the finals. 

“Speaking about the strength, we are ranked as the second team in the world. We, of course, hope that we enter into the finals or at least get a medal. The Chinese Team will definitely enter into the finals. I hope that we can also do it.” Jorge Rosscopf said. 

Before the Olympics, the German Team will prepare in Dusseldorf for a competition on July 23 against last year’s European Team champion, Austria. 

“We need our players to have the fighting spirit, the experience and a good competitive condition. Our current situation is acceptable. Some time ago, we have been plagued by injuries. Now, it has improved. I hope that the team and each player will be able to adjust their condition to its best state and win a victory in the Olympic Games!” Jorg Rosscopf concluded. 

Photo source: TouTiao