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Chiang Hung Chieh Misses The Olympic Games - Tabletennista

Chiang Hung Chieh Misses The Olympic Games

The Olympic Games is the biggest competition for all the athletes this year and as of now, all the teams have already finalised who will they be sending. Chinese Taipei will be sending their top players to Rio and unfortunately for Ai Fukuhara, she will not be playing in the competition with her fiance, Chiang Hung Chieh. South Korean veteran Joo Saehyuk will also not be playing in the Singles. 

Sohu Sports. With a few months until the Olympic Games, different teams have already finalised their lineup for the biggest competition this year. 

After the Chinese Team confirmed their playing lineup for the Olympic Games, other teams also revealed their players for the biggest competition this year. 

Among the teams who reported their players was Chinese Taipei. Unfortunately for Chiang Hung Chieh, he won’t be able to be with his partner, Ai Fukuhara in Rio de Janeiro. He missed being reported for the Olympic Games. 

Chinese Taipei will have their veteran Chuang Chih Yuan and Chen Chien An. Chiang Hung Chieh is ranked 72 in the world ranking. 

According to the initial report, Joo Saehyuk will play for South Korea in the Olympic Singles. However, in the confirmed list, his name was missing. The two players for the Singles are Jung Youngsik and Lee Sangsu. As for their women’s division, it will be Jeon Jihee and Seo Hyowon. 

Singapore will have their strongest players Feng Tianwei and Yu Mengyu

Check the full list of confirmed players for the Olympic Singles here

Photo source: SZJunda.Net