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Zhang Jike Received A Tip From Liu Guoliang  - Tabletennista

Zhang Jike Received A Tip From Liu Guoliang

The Asian Olympic Qualifier was an intense competition which challenged some of the Chinese players. One of them was Zhang Jike who was forced into a decider by a familiar opponent Chen Chien An. The Grand Slam champion found himself in a 1-3 deficit before reversing the match to his favour. One of the factors of his victory was the tip of Liu Guoliang. 

Sohu Sports. Zhang Jike’s faced a challenging match in the Asian Olympic Qualifier. Fortunately, Liu Guoliang gave him tip that led him to victory. 

Zhang Jike’s opening match in the 2016 Asian Olympic Qualifier was against a familiar opponent, Chen Chien An. In such match, the Grand Slam champion failed to take control at the beginning and found himself in a 1-4 deficit. 

“The first four sets seemed like I was not in a game. My condition at that time didn’t want to play!” Zhang Jike said. He admitted that he was not entirely invested in the match at that time. 

“There were several reasons why I was behind in 1-3. One thing is that I was clearly chaotic and impatient. There was no application of the techniques; the other one is that the stadium was a little dark. But those are all objective. I don’t want to find a reason for my deficit. The important thing is my problem. Coach Liu Guoliang still understands me. At that time, he gave me a very important tip. It allowed me to achieve a reversal one I got back into the arena. I am grateful for him.” Zhang Jike explained.

So what could be that tip? 

“He said that you should think as if you are playing in the Olympic Games. Because this is not the Olympics, it is a good opportunity to exercise which you might not always have. Try to see for yourself if you can win.” Zhang Jike concluded. 

Photo source: Sina Sports