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Puerto Rico Attends Olympic Table Tennis For The 1st Time - Tabletennista

Puerto Rico Attends Olympic Table Tennis For The 1st Time

There is always the first time for everything and for Puerto Rico, their first appearance in the Olympic table tennis competition will be taking place during the upcoming Rio Olympics. Last weekend, after the Latin America Olympic Qualifier was held, 15-year old Adrian Diaz from Puerto Rico successfully earned her place in the Olympic table tennis. 

Sina Sport. The 2016 Rio Olympics will be the first Olympic Games for the Puerto Rican Table Tennis Team after Adriana Diaz sealed her place in the competition. 

A rising star from Puerto Rico was born after the Latin American Olympic Qualification took place last April 1 to 3 in Santiago, Chile. She was Adriana Diaz and she is just fifteen years old. Despite the young age, she was actually the top seed in the Women’s Singles. 

“I have always dreamed about representing my country in the Olympic Games. I can’t dare to believe that I was really able to do it. The process was extremely hard. I didn’t stop in telling myself to fight and not to surrender! My teammates helped me a lot. This is a very good experience for me in my preparation for the Rio Olympics.” Diaz said. 

Adriana Diaz, born on October 31, 2000 gave great honour for her country after she became the very first representative of Puerto Rico in the Olympic table tennis. She is also the top non-Asian player in the Under 18 Girls world rankings.

Photo source: elnuevodia.com