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Koki Niwa Withdraws From The Asian Cup - Tabletennista

Koki Niwa Withdraws From The Asian Cup

The players have arrived for the Asian Cup this week in Dubai and since the lineup was first published, there are some changes in the list of players. We all know that Li Xiaoxia has already replaced Zhu Yuling in the competition. But aside from her, Japan and Hong Kong also made some substitutions. One of them is Koki Niwa who was replaced by Yuya Oshima. 

Sohu Sports. The Asian Cup will officially commence today in Dubai and the draw is already released. The results showed some changes in the lineup of participants. 

The list of players was initially announced last March 18. But as time passed by, some changes were made. First, the Chinese Team replaced Zhu Yuling with the Grand Slam champion Li Xiaoxia. But recent developments would say that it could change again after the report in Li Xiaoxia’s latest injury. 

Aside from that, the Japanese Team also had a change. They replaced Koki Niwa with the promising player Yuya Oshima. Hong Kong’s veteran Tang Peng is also out of the picture now after Ho Kwan Kit got enlisted. 


A: Xu Xin, Jung Youngsik, Yuya Oshima, Chiang Hung Chieh

B: Zhang Jike, Wong Chun Ting, Lee Sangsu, Sharath Kamal Achanta 

C: Chuang Chih Yuan, Jun Mizutani, Gao Ning, Ho Kwan Kit 


A: Liu Shiwen, Miu Hirano, Tie Yana, Lee Zion 

B: Li Xiaoxia, Yang Haeun, Yu Mengyu, Noura Almaazmi 

C: Feng Tianwei, Mima Ito, Chen Szu Yu, Jiang Huajun 

The group stage of the competition will commence today. 

Photo source: Wikipedia