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Dubai Prepared For The Asian Cup - Tabletennista

Dubai Prepared For The Asian Cup

Some of the best names in Asian table tennis like Zhang Jike, Xu Xin, Li Xiaoxia, Liu Shiwen and Feng Tianwei will be gathered this week in Dubai for the Asian Cup. Earlier, the Grand Slam champion already expressed his excitement to be in the competition. Aside from him, the host and its players also feel the same way. according to Noura Almaazmi, she is honoured to welcome the best players and compete against them. 

Sohu Sports. The Asian Cup will be staged later this week and the host city Dubai is already prepared for it. One player said they are also excited to welcome the best players. 

Last week, we reported that Zhang Jike is already excited to attend the Asian Cup this week in Dubai. As the Grand Slam champion, Zhang Jike is just one of the strong players the competition has gathered. 

With this, host players also feel excited. “I am extremely honoured to be able to participate in the Dubai Asian Cup. I expect to be able to compete with other professional players and learn how they train and prepare for the event.” Noura Almaazmi, UAE player, said.

Aside from meeting some of best players in the sport, Almaazmi is also happy that Dubai has been a good supporter of table tennis as this can enhance the level of competition among local players. “I am very happy that Dubai hosted this kind of competition like the Asian Cup. In this case, we would have the opportunity learn from the best players in this world.” She added. 

The Asian Cup will be staged this Thursday, April 28, and the defending champions Xu Xin and Feng Tianwei will be on duty. 

Photo source: Warren Little/Getty Images Europe