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Doo Hoi Kem Played 300% In The Qualifier  - Tabletennista

Doo Hoi Kem Played 300% In The Qualifier

Liu Shiwen was one of the strongest contenders to win the Asian Olympic Qualifier but in the competition, she became one of the casualties after losing to Doo Hoi Kem. After the victory, the young payer from Hong Kong was humble enough to assess her performance. She also said that she will not dare evaluate her Chinese opponent. 

Sina Sports. Doo Hoi Kem became one of the highlights in the Asian Olympic Qualifier after she defeated Liu Shiwen. What could be her thoughts on her opponent’s performance? 

“I would not dare evaluate her (Liu Shiwen).” Doo Hoi Kem started.  

“My quality is not that high as hers. Today, there were a lot of times that was an edge ball. Her preparation for this might not be enough. She might be thinking a lot of things in the arena. My thought was simple. I didn’t allow myself to get affected by distractions. I just played.” She added. 

In their match, Liu Shiwen didn’t give Doo Hoi Kem an easy win. She also fought hard and got some convincing points. However, Doo Hoi Kem was just confident and eventually sealed a 4-2 victory. 

“My performance today is full, 300%.” She said. 

All players now are competing for their Olympic qualification and Doo Hoi Kem also would want to be qualified. “Of course, I want to compete for the qualification. However, there is still a long road to take. I will just play one match at a time.” Doo Hoi Kem concluded. 

Photo source: Sina Sports