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Dimitrij Ovtcharov Satisfied In The Middle East (Videos) - Tabletennista

Dimitrij Ovtcharov Satisfied In The Middle East (Videos)

Dimitrij Ovtcharov went through some difficulties at the start of this year after he was forced to miss the World Team Championships due to injury. This had a negative impact on his performance so he was seeking his momentum in the recent World Tour stations in the middle East. Fortunately for him, he was able to realise his goals. 

Sina Sports. Dimitrij Ovtcharov had an interesting journey during the ITTF World Tour in the Middle East. He said that he is pleased with the result. 

Last month, Dimitrij Ovtcharov was able to fulfil his wishes when he was able to fight against Chinese players and also won against Zhang Jike. So was he satisfied with his performance in the middle east? 

“I am more than satisfied!” Dimitrij Ovtcharov started. 

“Because of injury, I wasn’t able to represent my home team in the World Team Championships. After that, I was not able to bring my team further into the Champions League. At that time, I played really bad. I had to go through the succeeding competitions like the Kuwait and Qatar Open to make up with the missed competitions I had.” He added. 

In Kuwait, as soon as it started, Ovtcharov’s condition was as bad as in the Champions League. He was 1-3 behind in the first round but was able to recover. After that, the German player slowly gained confidence but was eliminated by Zhang Jike

D. Ovtcharov vs Zhang Jike 2016 Kuwait Open MS QF
video kindly shared by TTJanus

A week after, Ovtcharov participated in the Qatar Open and this time, he was able to redeem himself against Zhang Jike. He reached the semifinals and faced Ma Long

D. Ovtcharov vs Zhang Jike 2016 Qatar Open MS QF
video kindly shared by TTJanus

D. Ovtcharov vs Ma Long 2016 Qatar Open MS SF
video kindly shared by TTJanus

Photo source: SDSport.Co.UK