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Chiang Hung Chieh Found His Future Wife In Table Tennis - Tabletennista

Chiang Hung Chieh Found His Future Wife In Table Tennis

Chiang Hung Chieh is recently in the headlines of different sports media in Asia after his relationship with Japanese table tennis star Ai Fukuhara broke off. The 27-year old player from Chinese Taipei was offered a chance to be in the entertainment industry in taiwan but chose his table tennis career. This decision also led him to his personal happiness. 

Sina Sports. Chiang Hung Chieh chose his table tennis career. Who would have known he will also find his future wife in table tennis. 

Chiang Hung Chieh is 27 years old. In 2009, he won the local sports personality award which led to the recognition, not just of his talents in table tennis, but also of his good looks. 

Famous entertainment host Kevin Tsai personally called Chiang Hung Chieh to invite him to enter the entertainment business. But the shy personality of Chiang Hung Chieh led him to choose to continue with his professional table tennis career. 

Well, the career he chose also brought him to his future wife. Recently, headlines were saying that Chiang Hung Chieh is getting serious with Ai Fukuhara and have wedding plans after the Rio Olympics. 

“I play table tennis with Ai. We also have a lot of topics to talk about so we can understand each other more easily.” Chiang Hung Chieh said. 

Despite being busy, the table tennis player also revealed that they always try to get connected with each other whether in international competitions, through the LINE app, or just meet in person. 

Photo source: Sina Sports