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Ai Fukuhara Getting Married Soon - Tabletennista

Ai Fukuhara Getting Married Soon

All players are busy for the upcoming Rio Olympics after all it is the biggest competition for this year after four years. The Japanese player Ai Fukuhara is one of them. However, she will continue to be busy after the Olympics and at that time, it would be for her wedding. It was revealed recently that Ai Fukuhara has been on a stable relationship and will be settling down soon. 

Sina Sports. Ai Fukuhara is busy preparing for the Rio Olympics now. After the competition, she might be getting busy for her marriage. 

Recently, a Japanese media has revealed that Ai Fukuhara has been in a relationship with the Chinese Taipei table tennis star Chiang Hung Chieh. That already came a surprise for everyone but there was more interesting. 

The media also announced that the couple has plans of marrying after the Rio Olympics. 

Ai Fukuhara revealed that they have been together a year before last year and their relationship has been very stable. Their families have met each other and most likely they will be marrying after the Rio Olympics. 

“Chiang Hung Chieh is a very important person for me. He gave me great support when I was injured. But as of now, our hearts are in the preparation for the Olympic Games. After we can report to everyone.” Ai Fukuhara said happily. 

Let us hope that Ai Fukuhara will be able to get good inspiration and play well in the upcoming Rio Olympics. She and Kasumi ishikawa are aiming for a gold in Rio. 

Photo source: PingPang World