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Ai Fukuhara Focuses On The Asian Olympic Qualifier - Tabletennista

Ai Fukuhara Focuses On The Asian Olympic Qualifier

Recently, Ai Fukuhara was in the headlines of sporting websites in and out of Japan after the news about her relationship with Chiang Hung Chieh was exposed to the public. Yes, the Japanese player is happy about it and was evident when she went to the Haneda Airport for the Asian Olympic Qualifier in Hong Kong. She said that she will be focusing on the competition first. 

Sohu Sports. Despite a flourishing love life, Ai Fukuhara is still concentrated with her career. She hopes to do well in this week’s Asian Olympic Qualifier. 

Yesterday, the Japanese Women’s Team set off for Hong Kong for the Asian Olympic Qualifier. One of them is Ai Fukuhara who was seen feeling very happy and some heart-shaped jewelries. 

Recently, Ai Fukuhara was under the spotlight after she was reported to have been in a serious relationship with Chinese Taipei’s Chiang Hung Chieh. In a report last week, it said that the couple are planning to get married after the Rio Olympics. 

Therefore, soon-to-be Ms Chiang as asked if they have already decided on the date. She answered: “We haven’t decided yet on that. As of now, we are placing our efforts for the Olympic Qualifier. If we have decided already, we’ll let everyone know.” 

Ai Fukuhara also said that they will be giving their all in Hong Kong in order to get the Olympic qualification. “The Olympic Games happens once every four years. The Asian Olympic Qualifier is the most competitive and has the highest level of competition. So this time, we must pull ourselves together.” Ai Fukuhara added. 

Photo source: Sina Sports