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Ai Fukuhara Anxious In The Olympic Qualifier - Tabletennista

Ai Fukuhara Anxious In The Olympic Qualifier

Ai Fukuhara was one of the casualties in the Asian Olympic Qualifier after she was eliminated in her opening round. In the competition, she was defeated by the host Lee Ho Ching. According to Fukuhara, there were several reasons why she lost the match. She felt she was anxious and she was a little but slow in establishing her momentum.  

Sina Sports. Ai Fukuhara didn’t have a good performance in the recently concluded Asian Olympic Qualifier and that is because of her impatience. 

“I was a little bit anxious in the seventh set.” Ai Fukuhara said. 

The Japanese star Ai Fukuhara is one of the players who became the casualty in the Asian Olympic Qualifiers in Hong Kong. In the competition, she lost to Lee Ho Ching in her debut match in 9-11, 5-11, 9-11, 11-9, 11-7, 11-7, 10-12. 

It was known that during the competition, the Japanese player was suffering from colds but she never used it as an excuse. “It didn’t have a very big effect on the competition.” Ai Fukuhara admitted that there is still a gap between her current and her best condition. 

“I feel that I was very slow in establishing my momentum.” She added. Meanwhile, she thinks that her opponent was able to adapt easily and was able to enter into the right state faster than she can.

Photo source: Happy PingPang