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Timo Boll Acknowledged A Big Gap Against Ma Long - Tabletennista

Timo Boll Acknowledged A Big Gap Against Ma Long

The German superstar Timo Boll is objective when dealing with the Chinese Team. In his recent interview, he said that the Chinese Team is still very strong and among them, Ma Long is the strongest. He may dare to challenge other Chinese players but not Ma Long. In addition, Timo Boll also said that psychological strength is very important in the Olympic Games. 

Sina Sports. The Chinese Team has maintained their status in the table tennis sport and Timo Boll acknowledged that. Among the Chinese players, Boll is more threatened by Ma Long. 

After winning the World Championships last year, everyone feels that Ma Long’s confidence increased. Timo Boll also recognised such power. 

“Ma Long currently is indeed very strong. It is even extremely difficult for other Chinese players to beat him. Currently, my gap compared to him is big.” Timo Boll said. 

As for the rest of the Chinese Team, Boll feels that he can dare give them a good fight. “Other Chinese players are also very strong but I have the courage to challenge them. In any given day that there luck is not on their side, they can not be invincible.” He explained. 

As of now, the next big competition for this year is the Rio Olympics. The German superstar said that it is very important to start strong in the competition so as to build pressure on the Chinese Team. He believes that table tennis is a sensitive sport and psychological strength is also important. 

“The start of the competition (Olympic Games) is extremely important. The first set is very very important when playing against a Chinese player. You need to make them feel that you are evenly matched and that you can perform very well enough to win against them. In this way they would feel limited because they will be nervous.” Timo Boll concluded. 

Photo source: DW.com