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Liu Guoliang Wanted Zhang Jike To Meet Chen Chien An (Video)  - Tabletennista

Liu Guoliang Wanted Zhang Jike To Meet Chen Chien An (Video)

Last 2013, Zhang Jike was criticised by the head coach, Liu Guoliang after the young Grand Slam champion was defeated by Chen Chien An in the World Team Cup. Just recently in Kuala Lumpur, when China met Chinese Taipei in the second round, the head coach hoped that Zhang Jike will have a chance to redeem himself against the same opponent. Fortunately, it was granted. 

Sohu Sports. Zhang Jike met Chen Chien An in the second round of the World Team Championships and that was the wish of the head coach Liu Guoliang. 

Who can forget that time in 2013 where Zhang Jike was defeated by the younger player Chen Chien An in the World Team Cup? It was a big blow for the Grand Slam champion and he was criticised by the head coach back then. 

Zhang Jike vs Chen Chien An 2013 World Team Cup
video kindly shared by janus770

This year, the Chinese Team had an opportunity for Zhang Jike to redeem himself. Therefore, Liu Guoliang really hoped for his disciple to battle against the same opponent once again. Indeed, his wish was granted. 

Zhang Jike faced Chen Chien An in the third round the group stage. “Zhang Jike’s performance today is in the normal range. We hope that through this match, our player will be able to achieve a test so we consciously arranged some difficult matches. This kind of match is very beneficial to the mentality of our players.” Liu Guoliang said. 

Although Zhang Jike’s performance was normal, the head coach thinks there were still some problems especially in the critical parts of the match and the ball handling. Liu Guoliang thinks that Zhang Jike should not give his opponent room to attack. 

“The opponent will certainly want to upset the situation. The more he distracts the more he can create opportunities. We hope that he can play simpler and more open. What Zhang Jike needs to improve is for him to look through his opponent. He needs to understand him and to simplify the complex situations. In this way he can play more smoothly.” Liu Guoliang concluded. 

Photo source: Sina Sports