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Chartres fell in the 2015-16 French League - Tabletennista

Chartres fell in the 2015-16 French League

Chartres suffered its second defeat in the 2015-16 French League. Robert Gardos & Co. were beaten by Angers in the 13th round and by La Romagne in the 14th round but remains in the second place. On the contrary, Pontoise-Cergy emerged successfully and collected its 12th win. 

Chartres fell in the last two rounds of the 2015-16 French League and faced its first defeats in the season. In the 13th round the current runner-up lost to Angers. 

Jon Persson collected two wins for Angers. The Swedish player overcame Robert Gardos and Alexandre Robinot by 3-2. Chen Jian and Christophe Legout got the last two victories over Robert Gardos by 3-1 and Par Gerell by 3-1, respectively. Alexandre Robinot and Par Gerell defeated Jens Lundqvist by 3-1 and Chen Jian by 3-2, respectively, and won the two points for Chartres.

In the next round the current runner-up couldn't find the victory route either. Gardos & Co. were defeated by La Romagne, which is in the third place. Adrian Crisan won the first point for La Romagne as he overcame Par Gerell by 3-1. Robert Gardos leveled as he won against Brice Ollivier by 3-1. 

But Chen Tianyuan got the second point for La Romagne as he stood victorious over Alexandre Robinot by 3-0. Crisan defeated Gardos by 3-2 and collected the third point for his team. Chen beat Gerell by 3-2 and sealed victory for La Romagne. 

Pontoise-Cergy AS 1 emerged successfully over Jura Morez TT1 in the 13th round. Wang Jian Jin lost to Andre Silva by 2-3, but Marcos Freitas leveled after defeating Wang Zhen by 3-1. Kristian Karlsson beat Quadri Aruna by 3-2 in the third match. Wang redeemed himself with a victory over Wang by 3-1. Karlsson overcame Silva by 3-2 and secured the 12th win for Pontoise-Cergy. 

Photo: lechorepublicain.fr