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Singapore In A Decline - Tabletennista

Singapore In A Decline

The Chinese Team always identify who their opponents are because that is part of their systematic preparation. As the World Team Championships is coming nearer, they identified Singapore as one of them. However, the team noticed the decline in their overall capacity. Despite that, Feng Tianwei and Yu Mengyu are still the opponents that they need to watch out. 

Sina Sports. Singapore has once showed the world that they can defeat China in table tennis but recently, their strength posted a decline. 

As the World Team Championships is coming nearer, the Chinese Team also prepared fully for it. They had the closed training to ensure that their players are in tiptop shape for battle. That also includes knowing who their strongest opponents are. 

The team has cited several teams and Singapore is included, of course, after all Singapore has already showed that they can defeat China in table tennis. However, this time, China felt that there was a decline in their overall strength. 

“Their performance has declined over the last two years.” 

However, Feng Tianwei still has maintained her strength in the individual competition. In fact, she has defeated Liu Shiwen and Zhu Yuling in the past year. Aside from her, China also had a special mention on Yu Mengyu. 

“Feng Tianwei is still the player who has the best achievements in the Singles. In addition to that, the top-ranking Yu Mengyu also has a rich competition experience. She is also our biggest rival.” 

Photo source: Sohu Sports