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Feng Tianwei Optimistic With The New Coach - Tabletennista

Feng Tianwei Optimistic With The New Coach

Singapore has the potential to challenge the Chinese Team in this year’s Rio Olympics. With the new addition in their coaching staff, Singapore is feeling more optimistic. In fact, the main player Feng Tianwei is confident that their new coach can bring the whole team to new heights. She also feels confident that she can achieve a new success. 

Sohu Sports. Feng Tianwei holds an important role in the Singaporean Team and she feels optimistic with the new coach. 

Yesterday, we reported that a new coach will be leading the Singaporean Women’s Team and he is coach Chen Zhibin, a former player of the Chinese Team. He said that he and the players will give their efforts for the glory of Singapore. 

This is something optimistic for the main player, Feng Tianwei. “Coach Chen will guide the team into new heights. His experience will help me to win a new success. Our goal is to be able to win a medal in the Rio Olympics.” Feng Tianwei said. 

Feng Tianwei was able to win two bronze medals in the last Olympic Games. If she wants a new success then she must be aiming for at least a silver. 

Furthermore, it was announced that the team will be focusing now in their training and give their efforts to prepare for battle. 

Photo source: AFP