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Ai Fukuhara Got Advice From Chinese Coach - Tabletennista

Ai Fukuhara Got Advice From Chinese Coach

The Chinese defensive player Wu Yang showed a victorious performance in the recently concluded German Open, defeating the Japanese top seeds Ai Fukuhara and Kasumi Ishikawa. This eventually made the Japanese player Ai Fukuhara wonder what could they have done to do a better job. Fortunately, a Chinese coach was generous enough to share the secret. 

Sina Sports. Ai Fukuhara was not able to utilise her top status in Berlin after she was eliminated by the Chinese chopper Wu Yang. She then asked for an advice from a Chinese coach.

The Japanese top seeds, Ai Fukuhara and Kasumi Ishikawa were troubled by the defensive player Wu Yang in the German Open. In the competition, the Chinese player defeated each of them: Ai Fukuhara was eliminated in the quarterfinals while Ishikawa was defeated in the final match. 

This result actually made the Japanese to realise the gap between their players and the Chinese Team. 

Last February 2, the Japanese Team returned to Japan and Ai Fukuhara revealed that she was able to receive some special guidance from a Chinese coach in Berlin. 

While Ai Fukuhara was watching her teammate Kasumi Ishikawa losing to Wu Yang in the finals, her coach introduced her to one of the Chinese Team’s coach. Ai Fukuhara then used such opportunity to ask what could be the secret in dealing with a defensive player. 

The Chinese coach was very generous on telling Ai Fukuhara that they were too slow and cautious. There was also not enough offence so they were trapped by the chopper. 

“I learned a lot from the coach.” Ai Fukuhara said. “It seems that I should be more active against a chopper, and not to be afraid.” She added. 

Her learnings can be put to practice in the coming World Team Championships. 

Photo source: Sankeibiz.jp