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Joo Saehyuk Transfers To Guangdong - Tabletennista

Joo Saehyuk Transfers To Guangdong

With Xu Xin leading the team, Shanghai is expected to do well in the Chinese Super League. In the last season, without the veteran Wang Liqin, the team failed to enter into the playoffs and that was not a very good performance from them. Aside from that, the South Korean veteran Joo Saehyuk has transferred to a different team.  

Sohu Sports. The 2015 Chinese Super League will be kicking off this weekend and Joo Saehyuk will be having a new team this season. 

The Shanghai Team was not able to enter into the playoffs last season and it was a regret for the whole team especially for the veteran Wang Liqin, who did not play in the arena due to his retirement. this season the team will be comprised by Xu Xin, Shang Kun, Zhao Zihao, Chen Zhiyang and Zhang Yang. 

Although Wang Liqin is not in the lineup anymore, Shanghai hopes to adjust well in the competition and for Xu Xin to lead the team much better. 

The South Korean Joo Saehyuk is missing in the lineup of Ningbo this season. The reason behind this is that, he has transferred to Guangdong. This season, he will be playing along with Liu Jikang, Yin Hang and Hong Kong’s Wong Chun Ting. 

Ma Te and Chinese Taipei’s Chuang Chih Yuan will be defending the Tianjin Team this season. After poor performances in previous seasons, the Sichuan Team hopes to improve their standing this season by employing a foreign aid. Chen Chien An will be part of their lineup this year. 

Photo source: PingPang World