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Chuang Chih Yuan Contributed To Tianjin’s 1st Victory - Tabletennista

Chuang Chih Yuan Contributed To Tianjin’s 1st Victory

Some teams have maintained their winning status while some not, but there was one team who converted their sweeping loss to a sweeping victory. That team is Tianjin. Their foreign aide, Chuang Chih Yuan got an exemplary performance in the second round after surviving a challenging match from Zheng Peifeng. Eventually, that set the tone of the battle. 

CTTSL. The second round of the 2015 Men’s Chinese Super League took place yesterday and Tianjin got their first win this season. 

Upsets continued to be posted in this season’s competition. Yesterday, as the league had the second round, Zhang Jike’s Shandong and Xu Xin’s Shanghai both posted defeats. 

But there was one team who came from a 0-3 loss in the opening round to a 3-0 sweep victory yesterday. 

Tianjin lost to Bayi last weekend with Chuang Chih Yuan losing to Fan Zhendong. In the latest round, the veteran from Chinese Taipei redeemed himself following his 3-2 victory against Zheng Peifeng (9-11, 11-5, 6-11, 11-4, 9-7). Looking at the scores, surely it was his experience that made him last through such challenge. 

The second match was between Ma Te and Kin Minseok. It was reported that the South Korean is going through a recovery from injury. In the round, he was defeated in 13-11, 9-11, 5-11, 8-11. 

Lastly, Tianjin’s Wei Shihao and Liu Dingshuo sealed the Doubles with a 2-0 win against Lin Chen and Cai Wei. 

At the end, Tianjin scored their first win in this season. 

Photo source: Sina Sports