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Zhu Yuling: Losing To Feng Tianwei Is A Treasure - Tabletennista

Zhu Yuling: Losing To Feng Tianwei Is A Treasure

Zhu Yuling is one of the players who were tested by Feng Tianwei in this year’s Asian Cup. She lost in the Group Stage of the Women’s Singles. Now that the whole team is preparing for the World Championships, Zhu Yuling said that her loss was a treasure as it enabled her to learn more. As for Kong Linghui, his players need to really adjust their mindset against Feng Tianwei. 

Sina Sports. A loss is a loss but definitely it can be a precious learning experience. Zhu Yuling hopes not to repeat the same mistakes again in Suzhou. 

Last month, Zhu Yuling was surprised by the powerful performance of the Singaporean player Feng Tianwei. She lost in the Group Stage that contributed to the failure of the Chinese Team to defend the championship title of the Women’s Singles. 

“Losing to Feng Tianwei is a treasure. I hope that through my learnings, I will be able to gain more in the World Championships.” Zhu Yuling said. 

In the upcoming World Championships, Zhu Yuling is giving all her efforts to prepare for the competition especially against Feng Tianwei. 

As for the head coach, Kong Linghui, he reminded his players to be prepared mentally and technically against their main rival from Singapore. 

“I have said during the World Championship summary that if they will meet Feng Tianwei in the competition, I hope that they will be able to straighten their mindset. Then, winning will be a very good opportunity for training.” Kong Linghui said. 

Photo source: QQ Sports