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Liu Shiwen Still Has A Chance For Rio (Video) - Tabletennista

Liu Shiwen Still Has A Chance For Rio (Video)

When Liu Shiwen lost the Asian Cup Women’s Singles title to Feng Tianwei, her chances for the Rio Olympics were automatically in question. As for Ma Lin, players need not to commit any mistakes in any competition before the Olympics. As for Kong Linghui, he admitted that it was bad but there are more important things to achieve. 

QQ Sports. The Rio Olympics is a critical competition for any player and for the Chinese players this is something that they need to fight for, including Liu Shiwen. 

Having to miss the 2012 London Olympics, Liu Shiwen surely aims to participate in the next Olympic Games and her participation is anticipated. 

“Before the Olympics, players should be sensitive to all the games and that they can not have a little mistake. Otherwise, their desire to participate in the Olympic Games will be out of the topic.” Ma Lin said. 

That being said, what could be Liu Shiwen’s fate for the next Olympic Games after her serious defeat recently in the 2015 Asian Cup finals against the Singaporean Feng Tianwei

Liu Shiwen vs Feng Tianwei 2015 Asian Cup WS Finals
video kindly shared by janus770

For the head coach, Kong Linghui, such defeat was bad but her performance in the upcoming World Championships is more important as it reflects the bigger test on her comprehensive abilities. 

“She still needs to have a positive attitude. There is always a winner and a loser in every competition. Losing in foreign battles is certainly not good but the results from world competitions are still much more important.” Kong Linghui concluded. 

Once again, Liu Shiwen is under pressure for the World Championships. 

Photo source: China News