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Feng Tianwei Not Optimistic For The World Championships - Tabletennista

Feng Tianwei Not Optimistic For The World Championships

Feng Tianwei has proven her strength against Chinese players in a number of competitions. Just recently, she defeated the Chinese Team again after she won over Liu Shiwen in the Asian Cup. Although she said that her confidence has increased, she isn’t looking very optimistic in the upcoming World Championships. 

Sina Sports. Feng Tianwei will be attending the World Championships with confidence from the Asian Cup but she has a lot of hang-ups. 

After the victory in the Asian Cup, Feng Tianwei immediately went to Bremen for the German Cup. After that competition, she then went back to Singapore to have her three-week training for the World Championships. 

Of course, Feng Tianwei’s victory brought a lot of pride for Singapore. Aside from that, hopes are alive once again, especially that the World Championships is just around the corner. However, it seems that Singapore’s pride is not feeling the same optimism. 

“The World Championships is just around the corner. Many people told me their optimism but I am not of optimistic on myself. I think the World Championships is difficult. The Chinese Team will have seven players. I always rank eighth every time.” Feng Tianwei said. 

Although she feels that her confidence was boosted after that victory over Liu Shiwen in India, she feels that it has nothing to do with her performances in future competitions. 

Feng Tianwei vs Liu Shiwen 2015 Asian Cup WS Finals
video kindly shared by janus770

“Being the first Singaporean player who won the Asian Cup has strengthened my confidence. But I do not hope to be overwhelmed. This time, I seem great to everyone but it doesn’t represent that the succeeding games will also be played well.” Feng Tianwei concluded. 

Photo source: China News