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Liu Shiwen Defeated By Feng Tianwei In The Asian Cup Finals - Tabletennista

Liu Shiwen Defeated By Feng Tianwei In The Asian Cup Finals

Feng Tianwei is considered as the strongest opponent of the Chinese Team, especially Liu Shiwen. In 2010, Liu Shiwen was led into a traumatic experience by the Singaporean player. Today, they met in the finals of the Asian Cup Women’s Singles. After six sets, Feng Tianwei somehow repeated history, defeating Liu Shiwen and clinching the championship title. 

Sina Sports. The 2015 Asian Cup Women’s Singles ended today with the biggest casualty for the Chinese Team. Liu Shiwen lost the finals to Feng Tianwei. 

We are used to seeing competitions ending with Chinese players winning the title. But anything is still possible. 

As the Women’s Singles event of the 2015 Asian Cup had its conclusion today, the winner was not from the Chinese Team. Feng Tianwei defeated Liu Shiwen in 3-11, 11-8, 11-9, 11-7, 11-1, 12-10. 

This is not the first time Liu Shiwen posted a defeat against Feng Tianwei. Who can actually not remember the 2010 Moscow World Team Championships where Liu Shiwen’s defeat led to the loss of China in the Women’s Team title. 

With today’s defeat, China failed to retain the title after 8 consecutive times. At the same time, Liu Shiwen also failed to clinched her fourth Asian Cup title. Aside from that, what is more important is the future. 

Do you think this will create a negative impact on Liu Shiwen’s quest for the Olympics Singles? 

Photos source: China News