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Chinese Women’s Team Alarmed! (Video) - Tabletennista

Chinese Women’s Team Alarmed! (Video)

Experiencing two defeats in one competition is definitely too much for the Chinese Team to handle. That is why, following the poor performance of the women’s team in the Asian Cup, coaches placed their focus in their training in Chengdu. Head coach Kong Linghui said that their defeats in India served as a wake-up call for them. 

Sina Sports. Losing is not a usual thing for the Chinese Team to experience. So when they posted two losses in the Asian Cup, their alarm sounded. 

In this year’s Asian Cup, the Chinese Women’s Team lost the championship title after Liu Shiwen was defeated by the Singaporean Feng Tianwei. Aside from that, Zhu Yuling was also defeated by the same Singaporean player in the Group Stage. 

Liu Shiwen vs Feng Tianwei 2015 Asian Cup WS Finals
video kindly shared by janus770

“The losses of my players were a timely wake-up call for the team.” Head coach Kong Linghui stated. 

Considering the 2015 World Championships is just approximately one month from now, the national team is, of course, concerned and would want to check up on their players.  

“The team and the researchers will study together the videos of Feng Tianwei. It will help summarise and analyse the matches of Liu Shiwen and Zhu Yuling.” The coach added.  

Despite the alarm, Kong Linghui said that it will not have an impact in their preparations for Suzhou. “I believe this will not affect their preparations for the Suzhou World Championships.” Kong Linghui concluded. 

Photo source: OSports