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Feng Tianwei Remains Threatening Against China (Video) - Tabletennista

Feng Tianwei Remains Threatening Against China (Video)

In most competitions this year, the Chinese Women’s Team was able to maintain their strength and has shown dominance in them. However, this year, the most powerful team also posted a defeat following the loss of Liu Shiwen and Zhu Yuling against Feng Tianwei. This just proves that the Singaporean player is still the strongest opponent of the Chinese Women’s Team. 

Sina Sport. The Chinese Women Team has maintained its strength in this year but they also stumbled and the person responsible for it is Feng Tianwei. 

The main opponent of the Chinese Women’s Team is still the Singaporean Feng Tianwei. This year, she has proven again that her techniques can put down Chinese players. 

Her biggest achievement for 2015 was in the Asian Cup where she stood victorious over Chinese players Zhu Yuling and Liu Shiwen in the finals. In the end, Feng Tianwei snatched the championship title from the Chinese camp. 

Feng Tianwei vs Liu Shiwen 2015 Asian Cup WS Finals
video kindly shared by janus770

In the Asian Championships, Liu Shiwen made a huge impact on the Chinese Team once again. She defeated Liu Shiwen in the quarterfinals. 

Although Feng Tianwei has gotten older, her technical strength remained to be strong and that definitely can not be taken for granted. She is currently in the seventh place in the World Ranking.  

Photo source: Sina Sports