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Ai Fukuhara Feels Positive For The Sweden Open  - Tabletennista

Ai Fukuhara Feels Positive For The Sweden Open

Weeks before, Ai Fukuhara faced a painful defeat in front of her hometown in the Women’s World Cup. She regretted what happened and now she has learned her lesson. She hopes that in the upcoming Sweden Open, she will be able to get a better score. She even had a new haircut to feel positive for the competition. 

Sohu Sports. Ai Fukuhara is scheduled to participate in this week’s Sweden Open. She hopes that she will be able to have a better result than the World Cup.  

Ai Fukuhara’s latest competition was the Women’s World Cup held in her hometown, Sendai. Unfortunately, she was blocked in the quarterfinals. 

Ai Fukuhara vs P. Solja 2015 World Cup QF
video kindly shared by janus770

“I was unable concentrate my attention in training.” Ai Fukuhara said. After that painful defeat in the World Cup, Fukuhara has already learned her lesson. And now, she takes part in this week’s Swedish Open. 

“Beating the Chines players could be very strong words. I should just maintain a peace of mind and a steady condition to win every game. Eventually, winning will make me very happy.” Ai Fukuhara said. She is seeded fourth in the Women’s Singles. 

Before setting for Sweden, Ai Fukuhara appeared in front of the media and was looking very well. She had a new haircut and was all smiles during her interview. She hopes that her new look would give her positive results in Sweden. 

Photo source: Sohu Sports