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Liu Shiwen Impatient Against Feng Tianwei - Tabletennista

Liu Shiwen Impatient Against Feng Tianwei

Another crucial defeat was posted by Liu Shiwen in this year and it was against a very familiar opponent named Feng Tianwei. For this year, it was already her second loss after the Asian Cup. Witnessing the match, the head coach Kong Linghui knew the biggest reason of the defeat. Although he admitted that Liu Shiwen was not in her best condition, it was not the reason for her loss. 

Sina Sports. Liu Shiwen has failed against Feng Tianwei for the second time this year. Kong Linghui said there was pressure from the Chinese player. 

Liu Shiwen posted her second defeat against Feng Tianwei for this year after she lost to the Singaporean in the Asian Championships Women’s Singles quarterfinals. 

“Liu Shiwen lost the match because she was very impatient.” Kong Linghui said. 

The head coach also revealed that Liu Shiwen recently had gastroenteritis and was not in a very good condition. However, Kong Linghui expressed that it was not the reason for the defeat. 

“Liu Shiwen had some pressure in this match. In the first set, she was slow in gaining momentum. There were some mistakes in the techniques as well. She always relied on the third-ball attack. Her impatience eventually led to her loss.” Kong Linghui concluded. 

Earlier this year, Liu Shiwen lost to Feng Tianwei in the Asian Cup Women’s Singles finals. 

Liu Shiwen vs Feng Tianwei 2015 Asian Cup WS Finals
video kindly shared by janus770

Photo source: Sina Sports