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Zhang Jike Impressed Liu Guoliang In The World Team Cup (Videos)  - Tabletennista

Zhang Jike Impressed Liu Guoliang In The World Team Cup (Videos)

Zhang Jike played really well in the 2015 World Team Cup, not losing a single match throughout the competition. It was reported that Zhang Jike was experiencing some injuries last week but despite that, the Grand Slam champion did his job well, including his powerful redemption against Chen Chien An in the semifinals. 

Sohu Sports. Zhang Jike was undefeated in the whole duration of last week's World Team Cup and it was a big contribution to the overall victory of the Chinese Men's Team in such competition. 

In last week's tournament in Dubai, Zhang Jike was a main stay in the playing lineup of the Chinese Men's Team. He played in the quarterfinals all the way into the final stage. In the penultimate round, Zhang Jike faced Chen Chien An and there was a reason behind it. 

Zhang Jike vs Chen Chien An 2013 World Team Cup
video kindly shared by janus770

"Before the match, I felt that it will be best for Zhang Jike to face Chen Chien An. Strategically speaking, I hoped that through this World Cup, he will be able to find the best condition for team competitions." Liu Guoliang said. 

Indeed, Zhang Jike posted great results in the match, winning in 3-0 against Chen Chien An. 

Zhang Jike vs Chen Chien An 2015 World Team Cup
video kindly shared by Official ITTF Channel

"This time, Zhang Jike really worked hard until now. He really prepared for it. His condition for the competition was not bad." Liu Guoliang said. Despite some reports that the young champion was experiencing some injuries during the competition, Zhang Jike still delivered good results. 

Photo source: Sina Sports