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Australian Table Tennis Partners With Shandong Luneng - Tabletennista

Australian Table Tennis Partners With Shandong Luneng

Talking about table tennis, China is indeed doing a great job in maintaining their advantage over other countries and that is why foreign teams would like to experience the sport in China. Just recently, Table Tennis Australia visited Jinan to sign a two-year partnership with the Shandong Luneng Club.  

Sina Sports. China is giving their efforts in sharing their expertise and resources on table tennis to other countries. Just recently, it is Australia who had the honour. 

In the afternoon of July 10, the president of Table Tennis Australia Limited, Peter Marriott led a group of 16 people, coaches and players to Jinan, China. This is a special trip that aimed to establish a relationship with the Shandong Luneng Club. 

The deputy general manager of the Shandong Luneng Club, Sun Jian and Mr Marriott signed an agreement that says, for the next two years, the Luneng Table Tennis Club will send coaches and athletes to Australia to participate in different competitions and activities. Also, members of the Australian Youth Table Tennis can regularly come to Luneng Club for training and internal competition. 

"I personally admire the amount of investment they put on the long-term stability of their sporting industry. China is the country with the highest level of table tennis. The Luneng Club is the top table tennis club in the country. I feel very honoured to be with such a club. As for our younger players, having this kind of opportunity will promote learning and a sense of improvement." Mr. Marriott said. 

Probably, the Grand Slam champion Zhang Jike, who is the star player of Luneng Table Tennis club, might be visiting Australia soon. 

Photo source: Sina Sports