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Liu Guoliang Commends Ma Long Against Chuang Chih Yuan - Tabletennista

Liu Guoliang Commends Ma Long Against Chuang Chih Yuan

The Chinese Men's Team was the first team to advance into the finals of the 2014 World Team Championships after scoring 3-0 against Chinese Taipei. They had Xu Xin, Ma Long and Zhang Jike fighting in the arena. Among them, Ma Long faced the strongest opponent and he survived. 

Sohu Sports. Ma Long had a hard task in the semifinals, playing against Chuang Chih Yuan. But as a true champion, he fulfilled his mission. 

"Today, all three players fought very well. It can be said that as the competition progresses, everyone has gotten better." Liu Guoliang said after the match. 

"We needed to summarise after playing against Austria in the quarterfinals. Although we won in that match, but we played more cautious." Therefore in today's games, Liu Guoliang ensured that their players have prepared for difficulties and that everyone is in good condition. 

Among their three players who fought today, Ma Long had the strongest opponent. He faced Chuang Chih Yuan who was in a very good playing condition. Although the head coach felt great resistance from the opponent, he believed on his disciple. 

"Chuang Chih Yuan obviously wanted to shack Ma Long's mental stability. But I felt that in critical moments, whether in ball handling or conviction, Ma Long is still the stronger." Liu Guoliang concluded. 

Photo source: Sohu Sports