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Chen Chien An's Changes After Winning World Championships Doubles Title (Video)  - Tabletennista

Chen Chien An's Changes After Winning World Championships Doubles Title (Video)

2013 was a year not only for the main forces but also for newcomers. It has given them opportunity to show the world that they will be the next breed of champions. Among those who have left an impression in 2013 was Chinese Taipei's rookie, Chen Chien An who was successful in becoming a world champion in 2013. What could be the changes that occurred after such breakthrough? 

PingPang World. The newcomers had their fair share of the spotlight in the year that has just passed. We can name a good number who was able to really prove themselves in the international arena. One of them is Chen Chien An who got the World Championships Doubles title. 

Chen Chien An had a wonderful 2013. He first made his impact in the international scene when he defeated the Grand Slam champion Zhang Jike in the 2013 World Team Cup. Such victory actually placed his opponent in great criticisms. 

Chen Chien An vs Zhang Jike 2013 World Team Cup
video kindly shared by janus770

So how did this young fellow started in table tennis? "My father's friend opened a stadium when I was still a child. Gradually, I became interested in table tennis." He answered. 

Did he had any special preparations in his competitions, especially the one he had against Zhang Jike? 

"Actually, I do not do anything special in my preparations. It is a step by step process that is set according to my own rhythm. My training in Taiwan, Belgium and Germany has been finished. In Taiwan, my focus was strengthening my basic skills. In Belgium and Germany, my focus was on psychological and technical aspects. The coaches had really helped me a lot." Chen Chien An answered. 

He may have defeated Zhang Jike in his match but Chinese Taipei only settled for silver against the still powerhouse China. However, the much greater achievement for Chen Chien An in 2013 was his victory in the World Championships. Together with Chuang Chih Yuan, they clinched the Doubles title. 

"Until now, I still can't believe that I can win the championship title. It was like living my dream." He exclaimed. 

Their partnership has stood tough against tough opponents as well in the competition. They survived Japanese Kazuhiro Chan/Kenji Matsudaira, ousted Chinese pair Wang Liqin and Zhou Yu, and lastly overcame the top seeds Ma Lin and Hao Shuai. 

What could be the changes after winning the World Championships? "After winning the world championships, commercial endorsements increased a lot. But now, it is back to the normal training and competition mode. I will try to focus my mind in the arena." He revealed.

"The most important change was there was growth in my confidence. I was able to prove that my efforts paid off. There was also progress in terms of experience in world competitions. These are things that money can't buy." He added. 

What could be his next goals? "I need to currently improve my strength and my world ranking. Long-term goals are Asian Games and the Olympic Games. I also look forward to standing on the podium of a world competition once again." Chen Chien An concluded. 

Photo source: Getty Images