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Liu Shiwen Swept Yu Mengyu In The Quarterfinals World Cup - Tabletennista

Liu Shiwen Swept Yu Mengyu In The Quarterfinals World Cup

After surviving a 0-3 deficit against Yu Mengyu in the group stage of the Women's World Cup this morning, Liu Shiwen met the same opponent in the quarterfinal round this afternoon. However, unlike their previous encounter, the quarterfinal round was in favour of Liu Shiwen who sealed a 4-0 victory. Meanwhile, the last player to advance into the semifinals is Jiang Huajun who defeated Shen Yanfei. 


ITTF. The quarterfinal round of the 2013 STARTS Women's World Cup continued with the upper half of the draw. In the round, Liu Shiwen took her revenge against Yu Mengyu and posted a sweep to the semifinals. She is joined by Jiang Huajun who won against Shen Yanfei.

The third match in the quarterfinal round was between the defending champion Liu Shiwen against the Yu Mengyu of Singapore. Although Liu Shiwen has a good record against Yu Mengyu, her loss in the World Team Championships can bring some burden. 

Earlier this day, Yu Mengyu successfully challenged Liu Shiwen in the group stage. The Chinese top seed was down in a 0-3 deficit before having her recovery to 4-3. Clearly, such win was hard earned. Unfortunately, Liu Shiwen had to play against Yu Mengyu again for this day. 

This afternoon, Liu Shiwen learned her lesson and she quickly gained control over the table. She was dominating not giving much opportunities to her opponent. With her incredibly fast topspins, Liu Shiwen was in a 3-0 lead, a total opposite with what she encountered this morning. 

As her opponent was one set away to victory, Yu Mengyu tried to do better in the fourth set and had a good lead. However, she lost her advantage after Liu Shiwen overtook in 7-6. Eventually, Singapore had to call for a timeout. 

As the game resumed, Liu Shiwen was still in the momentum. The defending champion advanced further with 11-6, 11-4, 11-2, 11-8. 

For the last match in the round, two veterans Jiang Huajun of Hong Kong and Shen Yanfei of Spain competed for the semifinals. Although Shen Yanfei won the opening set, it was the player from Hong Kong Jiang Huajun who continued in the match with momentum. 

Eventually, Jiang Huajun won with 10-12, 11-8, 11-2, 11-7, 11-8

Photo source: ITTF Facebook Page