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2013 Japan Open: Chuang Chih Yuan Is The First Casualty! (VIDEO) - Tabletennista

2013 Japan Open: Chuang Chih Yuan Is The First Casualty! (VIDEO)

The top seed Chuang Chih Yuan was not able to hold his position in the 2013 Japan Open after he became the first ever casualty in the competition. In the opening round of the main draw today, he was not able to overcome the qualifier from the Japanese Team, Masato Shiono. Moreover, the leader of Chinese Taipei was not the only upset recorded in the round. 


ITTF. Casualties ushered the main draw of the 2013 Japan Open as they had their opening round today, June 21 in Yokohama. Among them was the top seed Chuang Chih Yuan from Chinese Taipei. 

The highest ranking player from the Chinese Taipei in the world ranking, Chuang Chih Yuan was on duty in the 2013 Japan Open as the top seed in the Men's Singles. Last June 19, Chuang was still in China fighting for the Tianjin Team in the opening round of the 2013 Chinese Super League. 

Indeed, his participation bore fruit as Tianjin won against Sichuan. However, in the competition in Yokohama, Chuang Chih Yuan seemed to come unprepared and lost in the first round of the main draw against Japanese qualifier, Masato Shiono in 2-4 (7-11, 8-11, 13-11, 7-11, 11-4, 7-11). 

More upsets were recorded as brave qualifiers tested the seeded players. However, among the four Chinese qualifiers, only one survived and he is Xu Chenhao who defeated Singaporean Chen Feng in 4-1. Wu Jiaji lost to Japanese seed Jun Mizutani, Ma Te did not survive Kenji Matsudaira, and Cui Qinglei was defeated by Huang Shengsheng of Chinese Taipei. 

Although China lost three qualifiers, they still have their seeded players Wang Liqin, second seed and Hao Shuai, fourth seed.  

Seeded players Alexey Liventsov, Maharu Yoshimura, Kang Dong Soo, Taku Takakiwa, Grigory Vlasov, Yang Zi, Zhan Jian, Petr Korbel, and Kazuhiro Chan all bid farewell from the competition as well. 

The second round will take place later today at 18:00, local time. 

Meanwhile, in the Doubles event, Chinese transnational pairing of Hao Shuai and Adrien Mattenet was not fruitful as they lost in the opening round earlier today. They were defeated by Japanese Jin Ueda and Maharu Yoshimura. 

On the other hand, the other Chinese transnational pairing of Wang Liqin and Quentin Robinot had their revenge as they ousted Kazuhiro Chan and Kenji Matsudaira. Their qualifiers Cui Qinglei and Xu Chenhao also lost the round against Singaporean Yang Zi and Zhan Jian. 

In the Women's Doubles, Chinese Gu Yuting and Zhou Xintong upset the Japanese crowd after they defeated Ai Fukuhara and Marina Matsuzawa. 

Hao Shuai vs Quentin Robinot Video kindly shared by TableTennisEvents

Photo source: epochtimes.com