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Zhang Jike Denies Negligence On His Part - Tabletennista

Zhang Jike Denies Negligence On His Part

The moment the second game of the 2013 World Team Classic Men's finals ended, everyone knew that Zhang Jike will be under a lot criticisms and doubts. Therefore in an interview after the match, Zhang Jike stated that he has indeed worked hard in the preparation before the competition. There was no negligence on his part. Zhang Jike took responsibility of what happened and revealed that he must definitely learn from those mistakes.


Sina Sports. The 2013 World Team Classic ended with a poor performance from the Olympic champion Zhang Jike after he was defeated by the rookie Chen Chien An in the finals. With all the doubts everyone has, Zhang Jike explained himself. 

After the final match against Chinese Taipei, Zhang Jike told the reporters that he indeed prepared well for the competition. "Since it is the finals, of course, I extremely wanted to play well. Its not due to negligence. However, today, I was entirely feeling very heavy. My mobility was slow which led me to play very cautious and passive." Zhang Jike said. 

Knowing that he had some lapses in the course of the competition, Zhang Jike is aware of his poor performance and humbly took responsibility for what happened. "Speaking about this season's World Team Cup, my performance was not particularly good. My feeling towards team competitions appear to be bad. This time, the Chinese Team lost two matches and it was my responsibility. I must certainly learn from it." Zhang Jike added. 

According to Liu Guoliang, Zhang Jike's approach to team competitions and the requirements he puts on himself are related, and this could be the reason for his defeat. Could it be that Zhang Jike has loosen up on training just because he is already the Grand Slam champion? 

Photo source: sports.sina.com.cn