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Chen Chien An: I Wanted To Win Against Ma Long (Video) - Tabletennista

Chen Chien An: I Wanted To Win Against Ma Long (Video)

The rookie from Chinese Taipei, Chen Chien An had his share of the victorious moment in the recently concluded 2013 World Team Classic after defeating the reigning world and Olympic champion Zhang Jike. With this, Liu Guoliang saw the potential and would like to congratulate him for a wonderful performance. Although Chen expressed that he is very happy to win, he admitted that it is Ma Long whom he really want to defeat. 


Sina Sports. Aside from the Chinese Team, the rookie Chen Chien An of Chinese Taipei also had his moment under the spotlight after he overcame Zhang Jike in an epic battle in the finals. In an interview, the young player revealed his thoughts. 

No one would have guessed an upset for Zhang Jike would take place not until the performance of Chen Chien An in the opening set. Throughout the match, despite a 1-2 deficit, Chen Chien An has maintained his composure, leading him to unprecedented victory. 

"Today, as I was fighting against Zhang Jike, I did not have any burden in my mental state. I just wanted to play well in every rally. I did not allow myself to hurry and took it one at a time therefore, I was able to play better than before." Chen Chien said after the match. 

Chen Chien An vs Zhang Jike 2013 World Team Cup
video kindly shared by janus770

"Of course, I am very happy to have won the match at the end." Chen Chien An expressed. 

His match against Zhang Jike yesterday was not the first instance Chen Chien An has ever put pressure on the Chinese Team. In the 2008 Madrid World Youth Championships, the 17-year old Chen Chien An showed a lot of promise as he won the title. At that time, he defeated the Chinese Yan An in the semifinals. In the 2011 Austrian Open, he forced Zhang Jike into the sixth set. 

In addition, Chen Chien An revealed in the interview that the German table tennis superstar Timo Boll has been his idol. "He is also a left handed player so I really admire him." As for who among the Chinese Team he really wants to defeat, Chen Chien An answered: "Ma Long" 

"The victory of Chen Chien An is worth celebrating. He allowed others to see that it not impossible to defeat a world and Olympic champion if you only go all out." Liu Guoliang said. 

Photo source: sports.sohu.com