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Harmony 2011 China Open: U21 Finals Result (VIDEO) - Tabletennista

Harmony 2011 China Open: U21 Finals Result (VIDEO)

The Under 21 had their final judgement today for the Harmony 2011 China Open in Suzhou. As for the final hurdle of the Boys Singles, Chen Chien An faced Koki Niwa of Japan. In their match, the player from Chinese Taipei was in better form and eventually sealed the title after five sets. Meanwhile, Chinese Taipei also had their finalist in the Girls Singles - Cheng I Ching. She faced Jeon Ji Hee of Korea. There match was strong and reached the deciding set. At the end, Cheng I Ching completed the victory for Chinese Taipei in the Under 21 event.

U21 Girls Singles

The Under 21 competition for the Girls Singles had their conclusion today for the Harmony 2011 China Open. In the final match, Korean Jeon Ji Hee faced Cheng I Ching of Chinese Taipei. The Chinese turned Korean Jeon Ji Hee first defeated her compatriot Yang Ha Eun in 4-2 while Cheng I Ching swept Lee Ho Ching of Hong Kong all in the semifinal rounds.

These two young players are the best in the competition. As a result, they reached a full seven-set match. At the start, Cheng I Ching gained her control over the match and nailed three consecutive rounds with 12-10, 12-10, and 11-2. However, Jeon Ji Hee slowly gained her rythm in the fourth set and finally scored her first round with 11-9.

After the win of Jeon Ji Hee, she managed to maintain her form and eventually leveled in 3-3 with an 11-7 and 11-7 for the next two sets. As the two paddlers reached the deciding match, Cheng I Ching gained a little advantage in 7-5. Eventually, Jeon Ji Hee was stucked in her fifth point while Cheng I Ching went straight to the finish line. Cheng I Ching won the Girls Singles title this year, completing the victory for Chinese Taipei in the U21 competition.

U21 Boys Singles

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The Boys Singles also reached the final judgement today for the Harmony 2011 China Open in Suzhou. The match was between the Japanese Koki Niwa against Chen Chien An of Taipei. Koki Niwa defeated Jeong Sang Eun of Korea in 4-1 while Chen Chien An also scored the same against Kim Min Seok of Korea for the semifinal round.

In the final hurdle, Chen Chien An immediately gained control over the table and scored three straight sets with 11-7 , 17-15, and 11-4. Koki Niwa made his precense felt in the fourth set and was able to earn a close 11-9. Just as the Japanese started to show some signs of catching up, Chen Chien An didn't waste anymore time. He only allowed Koki Niwa to earn six points while Chen ended the match victoriously. At the end, Chinese Taipei won the Boys Singles title this year in the Harmony 2011 China Open in the form of Chen Chien An.    

Photo source: ttproagency.com