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2011 WTTC: Singaporeans optimistic in the women’s doubles - Tabletennista

2011 WTTC: Singaporeans optimistic in the women’s doubles

The qualification matches starts today in the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Singapore’s coach Jing Junhong said that the more favorable results can be expected from the women’s doubles and she hopes to have a breakthrough in that event.

Yesterday, the organizers spent two hours for the draw of the top 16 seeded players both for men’s and women’s events. The Singaporean pairs - Feng Tianwei/Wang Yuegu and Li Jiawei/Sun Beibei, appear to have a relatively optimistic situation.

Jing Junhong said: “I hope that after our intensive training in Taiwan, we would be able to achieve a breakthrough.”

Two years ago in the Yokohama world championships individual event, Feng Tianwei/Wang Yuegu defeated Hong Kong veterans Jiang Huajun/Tie Yana in the quarterfinals of the women’s doubles.

Although the Singaporeans would not meet the Chinese team in the first few races, they will still meet inevitably the Hong Kong team which is also a big challenge for them. They just need to overcome the Hong Kong team so as to reach the finals with the Chinese.

For the women’s singles, Jing Junhong said: “The women’s singles is much more to difficult to expect. But I hope for Li Jiawei, Sun Beibei and Yu Mengyu to have a smooth clearance.”

With how Jing Junhong assessed her players, it is somehow clear that she is not expecting anything great in the singles event but more chances for the doubles. Surely these Singaporeans can have a lot to offer in the doubles and can be a great deal of a challenge for the Chinese delegates.

Photo source: singaporebirthdayparty.wordpress.com/tag/magic/